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Follow links for international peace awards, news stories and videos of how Holmes' art influences communities.


TEDx talks:

The body v.s. the machine, as universal value conflict:   The Erotic Crisis

Generosity; the enduring human trait we all share:   Random Gifts of Art



How I Sculpt My Life, an interview with the Design Your Life group

A snappy tour of my historic studio

Interview with Charter for CompassionWisdom and Justice Through Art

The Creator's Art Confluence '22 at my studio   

International Projects:

European documentary by filmmaker Karin Wally: The Moving Art of Tim Holmes

First American artist: American's Debut at Hermitage Museum

      Sculptor Exhibits in World Class Hermitage Museum

Art as medicine:  Healing the World Through Art

U.N. Using Holmes Bronze as Peace Prize for Women

Archbishop Tutu Presented Holmes Sculpture for Olympic Bid

Chinese democracy movement: Montanan Sculpts China Democracy Memorial

Another International womens' prize:  "Freedom to Create" prize for women

Holmes sculpture for Olympic bid  Cape Town Argus

South African healing project: South African Peace Center Dedication

Nobel nominee award:  Palestinian Peacemaker Awarded

Physicians for Social Responsibility award: PSR Peace Award to Pres. Carter

American/Russian peace initiative: PeaceLinks Women's Peace Prize

Body Psalms film project:

Film project unfolds:  "Body Psalms" Seeks to Bridge Sacred, Sensual
Sculptural poetry performance art onstage:  Body Psalms: The Future Body

A course in body values:  Art, music, poetry and film re-sanctify the body

Commentary on the body in an unhealthy society:  Behind the Veil

Holmes on "Sensuous Mysticism":  Art and the Body


Art leaks into the streets:

Inception of the BlueBills idea:  Money for a Clean World

How can art create a clean economy?  How Will We Live Tomorrow?

Holmes generates hate mail by creating art out of hate books:

Holmes responds in the press:  Art as a Weapon?

The controversy stirs a larger exhibition:  Making art from hateful literature

The "end" of white supremacy (2004):  Holmes v.s. "Church of the Creator"

Holmes turns white supremacist threats into community dialogue

Holmes exhibits hate books art to public:  Looking at Intolerance

The project launched Speaking Volumes, a national touring exhibition

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