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The Psychologist and the Artist:
a Jungian dialogue

Tim explores the depths of the creative soul with pyschologist Dr. Bob Mannis, using the Jungian principles of alchemy, dreams and art. It's an intimate weekend of self-discovery in a small gathering at a private lakeside house in upstate New York.

Participation is limited to a handful and is mostly full. Contact the studio for more info.

Link to more info

The Creator’s Art: A Vision for the FutureThrough Art, Psychology and Creativity

The creative individual is a source of evolution that can give birth to a new dawn of wholeness. How do we individuals access this potential?

In a 3-day workshop at a mountain retreat, 6 organizers lead an exploration of the power of the personal unconscious speaks to the future of culture. More info:


Interview with notable Jungian, Henry Abramovitch

Tim does an interview on "Panic Attacks in Pistachio: A Psychological Detective Story", by the well-known Jungian, Dr. Henry Abramovitch, in Israel. The 90-min. interview is free on Zoom at:
Meeting ID 894 5789 5956; Pw: 351814

This interview is one of a series of interviews with prominent Jungian scholars called "Wisdom Path", intended to help us face the rapid and alarming changes in culture around the world. The continuing series started during the COVID shutdown.


Expressive Life Drawing course

In this 7-week course in drawing the human figure from life, we'll practice imaginative seeing by simplifying the complex elements of the human form into a simple mannequin figure.

Class meets every Tues. night from 6:30 to 9 at Tim Holmes Studio, with a half hour of instruction and 2 hours of drawing from the nude.

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