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"The First Story", a relational story-telling sculpture

The intersection of the masculine and feminine forces within each of us is an ongoing theme of my explorations. Recently I've been fascinated with a new kind of sculpture I've not seen done elsewhere. This is one of a number of experiments (this one in forged steel) of two interconnected figures in dialogue with each other. The male (l) and female (r) figures are bound by a link at the feet, but pivot and spin into contact with each other in dozens of ways. (Here's a video of some of the interactions).


This piece was actually inspired by the Japanese tsunami of 2011. I was struck by the interaction between the pointed, engineered Fukushima nuclear plant (a masculine production) and the all-enveloping natural (feminine) force of the tsunami. The two forces are inextricably bound and must contend with each other.


Steel, 22 x 7 x 4

"The First Story", a relational story-telling sculpture

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