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Take look at a really cool 3D version of this bronze!  I created this piece for The Creators Art; a Confluence of Art, Psychology and Renewal, a gathering of people from across the world, to grapple with the crises of civilization that all individuals face, apply our creative hearts and hope to imbue ideas to increase our resilience. The bronze depicts a robed matriarch, pouring the waters of wisdom into a bowl carried by a young man representing our adolescent culture, on his knees, gazing upward in respectful admiration. We live in the unfolding of a new age in human consciousness, the Aquarian Age.


Five bronzes have been awarded to those who've made a significant contribution to enhancing the study of the work of Dr. C.G. Jung. Dr. Jung's vast body of work has enhanced the lives of people throughout the world, not only in psychotherapy, but in the fields of religion, the arts, business, and politics as well. Recipients of this award may be laymen as well as Jungian analysts, astrologers, artists, and many others depending on their contributions to their fields. A GoFundMe campaign has been started to award more sculptures. Special discount on this bronze is offered for Jung Societies and Astrology Organizations.



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